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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fourth Grade Fun Part 1

Fourth graders in Ms. Jones' class have been learning lots in social studies and language arts. They have prepared segments about historical people, World War II, Southern colonies, and nouns. Enjoy!

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Jason Everett said...

Great job! Loved listening about all the history topics but there was one in particular that caught my attention: black history. It caught my attention because of my favorite musician. This musician defined the Blues. So your question: Who is my favorite person in black history? With out a doubt, B. B. King. He is an amazing person who has been one of the biggest influences in music in America.

Thanks for the podcast - Very insightful!

Roxann said...

I enjoyed listening and learning from your podcast today. The way that you worked in trivia and questions for the listener was really creative. I never knew Booker T. Washington's middle name before I listened. Thanks for informing me about that and so many other useful bits of knowledge. I hope you continue to podcast!

Thanks from Green Bay, WI. :-)